Emmevugi is me, extended acronym of my name and surname.

Born in Florence from a Florentine mother and grown with my grandmas, one from Sicily and the other from Emilia Romagna. This cultural background has allowed me to enrich my knowledge of the Italian culinary tradition, starting from the North to the South, discovering the diverse flavours that represent the heterogeneity of my beloved country.

Since I was really young, I have observed this 3 personalities while they were cooking and preparing the table with all their passion.

Sunday lunch, holidays or even simple dinners with friends were opportunities where our house was full of people that my family pampered with various flavors and stuffed tables

I absorbed all this without even notice and today this is what i do, accompanied by tender memories and a passionate experience.

My goal and desire is to bring at yuor home good plates and beautiful table without you having to worry about anything else.

Emmevugi: Chef at home and cooking class florence

What can we do together?

Your only effort will be choosing the menu!

What can we do together?


Wherever you want.
I am based in Florence, but I am free to move.

How many people?

Up to 50 people.


Wherever you want