Private cooking class

The cooking class is totally private and you can decide whether to do it alone, with your family or in a group.

The minimum duration of the private cooking course is 2h and the maximum duration is 4h30′.

How does it work?

I. What would you like to learn?

You can decide to learn and cook a small menu or either your fav dish. We could do it in the morning, so you have the lunch ready, or in the afternoon so you have the dinner ready!

II. The grocery

You can decide to come with me to do the shopping so I can explain the secrets of quality. Otherwise, I will take care of the grocery and bring all the necessary ingredients.

III. Where?

If you don’t want to do it at your place, we can do it in my kitchen.

IV. Let’s cook together

I will explain the recipe to follow and how to carry out all the steps, and you will start working!


Wherever you want